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An Unbreakable Echo: Cry of Independence and the Imperishable Legacy of Mexico

213 years of the cry of Independence.September 2023

On September 15, 2023, under the guidance of Engineer Florentino Martínez Contreras, the AC Gnostic Movement opened a portal towards a deep understanding of Mexican Independence. This event in Minas de Barroterán, Coahuila, was not only a commemoration, but an experience of the historical legacy enriched by a unique spiritual perspective.

We immerse ourselves in the exploits of Miguel Hidalgo, José María Morelos and other heroes of Independence, not only as historical figures, but as emblems of universal values: courage, justice and the tireless pursuit of freedom. The words of these heroes echoed in the speeches, while folk dances and traditional melodies breathed life into their legacy, making each attendee feel history on their pulse.

But engineer Martínez Contreras did something else: he linked these ideals to the essence of the Gnostic Movement, a continuous search for spiritual awakening and human improvement. A bridge was thus created between the liberation of a nation and the emancipation of the soul, a connection that resonated in the hearts of those present.

It was a class not only for the intellect, but for the soul," said one member online. And that was precisely what was experienced: a synergistic fusion between history and spirituality that reaffirmed the commitment of the AC Gnostic Movement to be a catalyst for change, both earthly and transcendental.

As our leader, Engineer Florentino Martínez Contreras, said: The men who succeed are on the move, and we are the Gnostic Movement Civil Association. On that night , reminded us that the fight for freedom, whether national or spiritual, is a perpetual task that concerns us all. We left the event not only with a renewed sense of patriotism, but with the resolve to be agents of change in all spheres of life.


Mexico as a name comes from Nahuatl roots, Metztli which means moon and xictli which means center in such a way , that we can say that Mexico, is the center that is in "middle of the lake of life"


VIDEO (The Gnostic Spirit and the Independence of Mexico)

Spanish subtitles

English subtitles

Russian subtitles




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